Curriculum Vitae:

Ph. D. Bozo Krstajic

Birth date 07. 04 .1968.
Sex Male
Marital Status Married
Citizenship Montenegro
Postal Address: Elektrotehnicki fakultet
Univerzitet Crne Gore
Dzordza Vasingtona No. 6
81000 Podgorica
Telephone Number: +382 (020) 414-282, 245-839; mob tel. 67 313 222
Highlights of Qualifications:

More than 20 years of an extensive experience in:

-   Adaptive signal processing and adaptive control

-   ICT,

-   deploying multiprotocol enterprise networks,

-   technical consulting,

-   LAN and WAN enterprise design,

-   GRID design,

-   eLearning (Moodle),

-   high-education teaching,

-   project and company managing.

Extensive knowledge in troubleshooting and repairing a wide variety of computer platforms & network configurations. 

Excellent analytical and decision making skills.

Work well both independently and in a team environment and maintains high work standard, even under pressure.

Able to design, implement, schedule and supervise project through to the completion.

Education: B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, 1992 at the University of Montenegro
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro, 1996.
Ph. D. Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro, 2002.
Professional Experience: - Company: Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Montenegro
- Period of employment: May 01, 1992  to today
- Position: Professor on Operating systems, Internet technology, Control systems and Adaptive Control
- Director of University Computer Centre
- Main projects: LMS adaptive algorithms and its applications
      Design of academic network and IS of the University of Montenegro
        Design of academic network of the University "Luigi Gurakuqi", Shkodres, Albania
      Design of IS of the Department
        eLearning on University of Montenegro
        many FP6, FP7, H2020, Tempus and IPA projects
  - Member of IEEE
  - Local CISCO academy manager
Jobs: * 2013. to now Full Professor at University of Montenegro
  * 2008. to 2013. Assosiated Professor at University of Montenegro
  * 2003. to 2008. Assistant Professor at University of Montenegro
   2003. to now Professor at Applied Computer Study at University of Montenegro
  * 2004. to 2007. visiting professor at University of Shkodres "Luigi Gurakuqi",Albania .
  * 1994. to  2008. ICT consultant at Foundation Open Society Institute (
  * 2004. to 2005.  ICT consultant at Urban Institutes  (
  * 1993. to now Assembled and tested hundreds of PCs.
* Designed, deployed and installed tens of multiprotocol LANs, WLANs and Montenegro academic WANs.
* 1996. to 2003. Teaching Assistant at Computer School
* 2006. to 2009. national coordinator in SEEGRID2 and SEEREN2 FP6 projects
* 2009. to 2015. national coordinator in GEANT3, SEEGRID-SCI, EGI-Inspire and SEERA-EI FP7 projects
* 2015. to now national coordinator in GEANT4 and VI-SEEM H2020 projects
* Courses taught: Operating Systems, Matlab, Internet technology, eCommerce, WEB design, WEB security, ....